Tom Joe

Central Newfoundland

Project Name

Tom Joe


Central Newfoundland

Project Description

The Tom Joe Property is located Central Newfoundland, just south of the community of Badger, NL; however, the easiest access point is via Grand Falls Windsor.

The Property consists of 3 mineral licenses comprised of 92 claims and covers an approximate area of 2,300 ha. Title to these mineral licenses is 100% registered in the name of Sorrento Resources Ltd.

Geological Setting

  • The Property lies within the Notre Dame Subzone
  • Early Cambrian-Mid Ordovician Victoria Lake Supergroup marine sedimentary rocks and basalt (Harpoon Brook Basalt) dominate the southeastern half of the Property
  • Late Ordovician-Early Silurian Badger Group marine sandstones dominate the northwestern half of the Property
  • Rocks of the Victoria Lake Supergroup are separated from the Badger Group by a NE-trending late-Ordovician black shale
  • A small lens of Early Silurian-Late Devonian mafic plutonic rock is mapped as intruding the Victoria Lake Supergroup in the southeast of the Property
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  • The Property is characterized by a series of well-defined NNE- trending folds that overprint an early, higher strain set of folds that parallel stratigraphy and are recognised within a package of magnetic rocks
  • The interpreted structure suggests that mafic volcanics associated with the Victoria Lake Supergroup in the south of the Property are folded and may be repeated to the north in an area of mapped Badger Group
  • Sets of E-W trending faults cut through the younger folds in the north of the Property with a dextral offset sense and appear linked to sets of ~WNW-ESE trending magnetic dykes
  • Mesothermal gold sites are particularly prospective within the main F2 structure in the north of the Property

2023 Exploration Plan

  • Prospecting & Geochemical survey covering the F2 structure on claim 031300M
  • Prospecting & Sampling on claims 031299M & 031301M

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